Vacation Packages to Poland

TMR Warshavsky offers its clients vacation packages to Poland, including flight + hotel and also includes transfers from the airport to the hotel and back.

In contrast to the stigma sometimes perceived in Israel, Poland is a country full of attractions, such as museums, cafes, tourist sites, an extensive variety of restaurants. The nightlife in Poland includes dozens of pubs, bars and clubs.

Poland is a very young and vibrant country with, of course, a long history. Vacation packages to Poland are suitable for all sectors of the population, including couples, families and friends, who want to travel together for an enjoyable vacation.

The vacation packages to Poland can be reserved at any time, and are also intended for spontaneous decisions, but because Poland is a popular tourist destination, we recommend that for the tourist season you should book your vacation package to Poland as far in advance as possible.

At TMR Warshavsky we are committed to providing the the best prices for vacation packages to Poland.

The company works with various vacation resorts and spas in Poland, in the following cities:
• Warsaw
• Kracow
• Wroclaw
• Katowice