Journeys to Poland

Have you already traveled all around the world, have you already walked in the footsteps of presidents and kings and emperors, have you seen the great palaces, have you already visited where your ancestors journeyed? Did you visit where your ancestors lived? If you are planning Back to Your Roots trip to Poland and its surroundings, TMR Warshavsky, your embassy in Poland, will be happy to help you plan a most significant “once in a lifetime” journey. On this trip we will embark on a historic journey to the world of Jewish Communities in Poland over the course of the centuries, we will visit the extermination camps and cities and towns that held the most significance for the Jewish People. We will visit cemeteries, and will walk through the quarters where Jewish life was conducted, we will visit synagogues that are still standing, and visit the ruins of the ghettos and the Paths of Heroism of the Jewish people, and we will visit the pits of death where the Nazis murdered Jews during the Holocaust.

The company intends its trips for all populations, while focusing on trips to Poland and its neighbors. The trips are also intended for the following types of organizations:
• Private organizations
• Workers’ committees
• Student organizations
• NGOs
• Private workplaces.

There is a wide variety of routes that can be individually determined with each separate group.