Graves of the Righteous

TMR Warshavsky is committed to enabling members of the ultra-Orthodox public, who are interested in doing so, to combine a visit to the Graves of the Righteous with a search for their roots in Poland, while at the same time to enjoy high quality meals under the strictest kashrut supervision available in Poland – that of Rabbi Mordechai Gross.

The Righteous, in the eyes of the believers are a kind of connection to divinity in their lives. Even the area of their grave is regarded as a sacred location, especially on the anniversary of their deaths. Hundreds of years of Judaism and Hasidism, hundreds of communities have brought forth dozens and hundreds of Rabbis and Heads of Dynasties, in whom vast publics of ultra-Orthodox and Hasidim believe. These Righteous Rabbis both in their lives and after their deaths in their graves, are a tangible sign of human greatness and agreement that the greatness of the Righteous helps the believer.

A small example of a journey during which we will visit the cities and the following Graves of the Righteous:

Day One of the Journey

We will visit the city of Lublin and visit the local cemetery.
A considerable number of the Righteous of the generation are buried in the cemeteries of Lublin for example:
Rabbi Yaakov Yitzchak Horowitz, the Visionary from Lublin.
Rabbi Shalom Shachna, Head of the Rabbinical Court of Lublin, father in law of Rabbi Moshe Isserles.

Day Two of the Journey
We will visit the city of Leżajk, which is in southeastern Poland, and has 14,127 residents. The city is located in the Valley of Sandomir on the west bank of the San River in the province Leżajk, where we will visit the burial place of Rabbi Elimelech Weissblum, authjor of “Noem Elimelech”.

Day Three of the Journey
We will visit the city Reminov, where we will visit  following Graves of the Righteous at the cemetery:
Rabbi Menachem Mendel from Reminov, author of the book, Menachem Zion, Divrei Menachem.
Rabbi Zvi Hirsch HaCohen from Reminov, and Meshamesh BaKodesh and MM Rabbi Menachem Mendel from Reminov.

Later we will visit the city of Krakow and visit the grave of the Rama (Rabbi Moshe Ben Israel Isserles, posek, Yeshiva Head, philosopher. The greatest Ashkenazi posek of the 16th century.) in  Kracow and will continue on to visit the Graves of the Righteous in the cemeteries in Krakow.

Day Four of the Journey
We will visit Góra Kalwaria and visit the graves of the leaders of Ger Hassidism:
Rabbi Yitzchak Meir (Alter) Head of the Rabbinical Court of Ger. Author of the book “Innovations of Rabbi Yitzchak Meir.
Rabbi Yehuda Ari (Alter) from Ger.
We will visit the city of Warsaw and the cemetery in Warsaw and visit dozens of Graves of the Righteous, who are buried in the cemetery of Warsaw.

Day Five of the Journey
A tour of the city of Warsaw along the Path of Heroism and the ruins of the Warsaw ghetto.

And back to Israel
The Graves of the Righteous routes shall be determined on an individual basis, according to the nature of the group and its wishes. Take into consideration that Poland is a very large country and long bus rides are required in order to travel from city to city.