Upheavals that were the fate of the Jewish people resulted in many people not knowing enough about their family, to the extent that sometimes they are unaware of the names and particulars of the previous generation. As a result of the research we conduct for you, we can find out who the members of your family were, and not only that, you can even discover how they lived and how they made their living. Knowing where they lived we can possibly discover some assets they left behind. We can establish a “family” on the basis of the information we receive and thereby can pass on our family heritage for future generations. We can build a family tree and locate relatives with whom contact had been lost and discover family members of whose existence we were totally unaware. We can strengthen inter-generational relationships with our children and grandchildren by involving them in the research.

Genealogical research requires significant research efforts. The research is intended to create an opening and to be exposed to sources of information existing in Poland, which could be relevant to locate information about the family being researched.

TMR Warshavsky provides professional genealogical research services for the reconstruction of family trees, location of birth certificates, marriage certificates, death records, which could help the client to learn about his family’s past.

Our access to the official archives of Poland and the state registry offices allows us to operate throughout Poland.

  • All that we require is any information about each of your ancestor’s family members, for instance: family name, first name, place of residence, date of birth and date of death.
  • Based on this information it is possible to evaluate whether research results are in fact possible – you must take into consideration that many records in the archives are missing, since they were destroyed during the war.
  • Only after we process the data can we notify the family regarding the possibilities available for conducting the full study.

The company has a local team experienced in locating documents, in cooperation with the Research Institute for Family Study. In Israel this service costs a fortune when conducted by companies specializing in this type of research, but you receive this service, free of charge, as part of the cost of the trip, with the help of all our dedicated company workers throughout Europe.

Citizenship – the company provides these services in the framework of seeking information in the archives for the purpose of obtaining citizenship.

Locating assets – the company offers the ability to locate family assets in Poland.