As part of the Back to Your Roots journey, the company provides basic genealogical research. Higher levels of genealogy research can be supplied, which might include finding documents necessary for obtaining a Polish passport or proof of ownership of Jewish property and location of assets.

The company ensures that all food provided by the company will be of the highest quality and will be subject to the highest Glatt Kosher supervision in Poland, so that every participant in the journey will be able to enjoy the delicious and kosher Jewish food.

These tours are intended for families who are interested in discovering their family history. In the framework of the trip the family receives basic genealogical research, as part of the trip, and which will be conducted by a Polish Research Institute.

The Company’s Services

TMR Warshavsky Company, your ambassador in Poland


The TMR Warshavsky Tourism Company was established from a desire to offer all segments of the population the ability to reach and travel through the expanses of Jewish history in Poland and its environs.

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