Journey to Germany in the Footsteps of the Jewish People

Germany from the 1920s until the mid-1940s left behind a great number of sites reflecting the coming to power of the Nazis from the Munich beer cellars, where Hitler began his rise to power, until he became the Chancellor of  Germany, to sites in Berlin where decisions were taken regarding the fate of the Jewish People. Throughout Germany and particularly in Berlin, among the museums, you can find the Holocaust Museum and sites in memory of the Jewish Community of Germany. TMR Warshavsky invites travelers wishing to return to the dark history of the rise of the Nazis to power, and to visit places that were established during the Nazi era and the sites most identified with the Nazi regime such as the work camps in Germany and sites commemorating the Jewish People in Germany.

Sites identified with the above-mentioned period:

Sites in Munich identified with the period of Hitler and the Third Reich and discovering the main facts and visiting the sites that played a role in this dark period that led ultimately to the destruction of the beautiful city of Munich.

The Hofbräuhaus Beer Hall, where Hitler delivered his first speech, the Bürgerbraükeller Beer Cellar, known for the attempt of the Nazis to takeover Germany, in what came to be known as the “Beer Hall Putsch”.

Tour of the Dachau Concentration Camp, one of the first concentration camps that was built 15 kilometers northwest of the city and to which already in 1938, Communists, Jewish intellectuals, homosexuals and similar enemies of the regime were sent.

A synagogue in downtown Munich was named “Ohel Yaacov”, and was established exactly 68 years after this synagogue was destroyed on Kristallnacht. A new synagogue was inaugurated in its place, bearing the same name.

We will visit the Eagle’s Nest in Obersalzberg, which is located near the town of Berchtesgaden in the State of Bavaria, near the amazing Austrian city of Salzburg.

Because of the great distance between Munich and Berlin, we will begin the journey to the city of Munich towards evening. After a drive of about 6 hours we will arrive in Berlin at about 1 in the morning and will be assigned our rooms. The next day we will begin to tour the city of Berlin and its environs.

We will visit the following sites, which commemorate the Nazi crimes against the Jewish People:
• Holocaust Memorial;
• Book Burning Memorial;
• The villa where the Wannsee Conference took place;
• Site of the Sachsenhausen Camp;
• The Monuments at the Grunewald Railway Station;
• The Missing House Memorial;
• Jewish School for Girls.
• Pariser Platz and the Brandenburg Gate
• The Reichstag
• Goering’s offices
• And many other sites